Hazelwood Laboratories is the Nashville-based creative venture of Joseph Hazelwood--a ‘technical revisionist’, inventor, and specialist in commercial audio/video installation. First known for his #GMORadios--vintage wares repurposed as smartphone-ready music players--Hazelwood is becoming renown for his ever-evolving large-scale technical art installations that are at the forefront of a new wave of media branding.  These include custom audio and/or video installations, automation, and IoT {internet-of-things} solutions that serve to enhance the experience of a public space in ways that are inspiring, interactive, and fun. 

In 2013 Hazelwood merged his creative efforts with his primary business Innerverse Music {A/V Installation} in the development of a custom audio system for Barista Parlor in East Nashville.  It was a unique system comprised of four antique console radios--retrofit with new speakers and other technology.  This would become his trademark--vintage or hand-made aesthetics juxtaposed with modern/future technology.  #GMORadios are another example of this.  They began to attract attention--not just for their aesthetic or their function, but for the creative interplay of these two elements. The East Nashvillian affectionately called Hazelwood 'East Nashville’s Quietest Noisemaker'.

Hazelwood Laboratories gained momentum and opened shop in early 2014 in an area of South Nashville called ‘Pie Town’--near Isle of Printing and Third Man Records.  It would serve as a workshop for building #GMORadios and other individual creations, but also as a development lab and warehouse for the roll-out of custom installations. 

Next came a new location of Barista Parlor {Golden Sound}, and a new challenge/opportunity to further establish Hazelwood Laboratories as a creative agency.  It is counter-intuitive in the old economy of scalability=profit, but Hazelwood wanted to start fresh with each project, and create something new and remarkable each time.  Golden Sound was going to have a 60’s Futurism aesthetic, and so the audio system would have to rise above ‘vintage’.  It would also have to live up to the name Golden Sound!  Hazelwood’s solution went beyond custom and into the realm of invention with the development of the #HazLabsGSE or ‘Golden Sound Emitter’--a complete revision of conventional speaker design, hand-made from repurposed materials.  It is a truly unique design that sounds as great as it looks, and which has become an essential element of the Barista Parlor brand.

The next large project for Hazelwood Laboratories was at OZ Arts Nashville, a unique performance and installation space for the Arts.  This particular installation would highlight Hazelwood’s experience with distributed video systems, but in a venue where his creative aspirations could run wild.  The #OZWall would be comprised of 12 vintage televisions retrofit with new screens, audio systems, and other technology, and driven with 12 remote Raspberry Pi mini-computers and one master Raspberry Pi to provide dynamic interactive functionality.  This ventured out of Hazelwood’s realm of electronic engineering and into computer coding, and prompted a collaboration with Developer Phillip Lehner.  The two worked closely together to bring the #OZWall to life--to be a canvas for videographers, photographers, graphic artists, and other coders to build upon.  This is a permanent and expanding installation in the Escaparate at OZ Nashville, and is a beautiful showroom for this flagship Hazelwood Laboratories solution. 

The mission of Hazelwood Laboratories is to incite wonderment through tangible technical creations.  We believe that form equals function to the degree that it inspires.  Every product and every installation should highlight the natural world--to draw the imagination out of the virtual and onto the miraculous nature of the most basic technologies.  With an extensive list of collaborators, including other creative professionals--designers, craftsmen, fabricators, printers....we expect the scale of our creations to grow.  It will be interesting to watch it unfold!  Please do so on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.