Form = Function

"Form follows function".  I can't go along with that anymoreIt is generally understood that technology is something we use to solve problems--to make life easier--to save time, and that form is subordinated to practicality.  I'll admit that Apple products are beautiful and intuitive,--there is a marriage, at least, of form and function--but they don't save us time.  On the contrary, they steal our time from us!  There is a compensation in nature that will not allow us to be carried away with these things and keep our precious time too!  The only way to save time is to be present.

I am not saying that there is anything wrong with our current technologies; I just want to suggest new ways of applying them.  Consider for a moment that form equals function--that beauty and inspiration are actually functions of awareness.  When technologies are used for the purpose of making art, they are serving a higher function than problem-solving.  The experience of art makes us more aware--more human--more connected--more alive.

That's what we're up to here--using technology to make art--to make time.