Innerverse Music is our in-house Commercial Audio/Video Installation partner.  Hazelwood Laboratories dreams up the idea and develops it, and Innerverse Music provides the on-site workmanship to bring it to life. Whether your business is in need of a branded audio/video system, interactive art installation, or multi-location media service; we have the expertise at our disposal to see it through from conception to completion.


Some Innerverse Music Installations:

  • OZ Arts - Nashville {Custom Digital Signage}
  • Barista Parlor - Nashville {Custom Sound System - Both Locations}
  • Frothy Monkey - Nashville {Sound System - All Locations}
  • Grimey's Too - Nashville {Sound System}
  • Stone Fox {Sound System}
  • Cadeau - Nashville  {Music Service & Sound System}
  • Hollister {Video Walls - TN Locations}
  • Chilli's {Music Service, Sound & Video Systems - TN Locations}
  • Red Robin {Sound & Video Systems - TN Locations}
  • Old Navy {Sound Systems - TN Locations}