Barista Parlor ~ Germantown

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Eight wall-mount speakers made from 1940’s-era fans. Headend collaboration with craftsman Aaron Rosburg includes an 8-track player and custom tape slots in addition to the record player that a feature in all Barista Parlor locations.

Barista Parlor ~ Golden Sound

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#HazLabsGSE is a speaker sculpture created by Joseph Hazelwood from repurposed materials—a washtub, and two standard light fixtures. Four of them adorn the Golden Sound location in Nashville’s “Gulch” and are outfitted with RGB lighting that fade and change color in conjunction with the Isle of Printing '“McCloud Wall”. HazeLabs-specified headend equipment is housed in a custom wood rack built by craftsman Aaron Rosburg.

Barista Parlor ~ East Nashville

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This is the installation that started it all! We retrofit 4 antique console radios with commercial speakers and installed structured wiring. We also retrofit an equipment rack into the shipping crate for the Slayer espresso machine and topped it off with a vintage turntable.

OZ Arts ~ Nashville

@OzArtsNashville #GMPiWall

A collaboration with developer Phillip Lehner, the GMPiWall is a video wall comprised of 12 antique televisions artfully retrofit with LCD panels and driven by individual Raspberry Pi computers. It was designed to spark collaboration with other developers and content creators to imagine future functionality.

Johnston & Murphy ~ Manhattan, NYC

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This Johnston & Murphy location on 5th Avenue in Manhattan, NY was a collaboration with DAAD Architects and features work from various Nashville artisans. We built four functional antique radios with light-up displays that were hard-wired to compliment their background music system.

Frothy Monkey ~ Chattanooga


Butcher & Bee ~ Charleston

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Butcher & Bee ~ Nashville

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