Photo by John Brown

Photo by John Brown


First, WHY?

Technology is alive! And, it’s taking over! What was once a tool that we used to solve problems has now become a problem for [itself?] to solve… It is a solar-powered cart driving a horse! It has become apparent that the word progress is no longer synonymous with “technology”. Today’s problems are more likely to be solved by something more like “inspiration”.

Hazelwood Labs doesn’t use technology to solve problems; we use it to inspire.

Our Process


Rarely does a client ever come to us with a specific idea. It starts with a vague concept of some piece of hardware or no concept at all, a half-drawn floor-plan or empty design feature within a commercial space or a home that has yet to be built. If you have design ideas, we start there. If you’re working with an architect and/or designer, we collaborate with them. Again, the goal is inspiration—a sense of wonder, amusement, intrigue—for you, your guests, your customers.

Ideas flow in these meetings. They’re not all good ideas but they flow.. We weed through them, get away and study, reconvene, and hash it out some more until we land upon the perfect idea. Maybe it’s a new piece of hardware—a speaker, video display, light fixture—made from an up-cycled vintage something? Maybe it’s something new—made completely from scratch out of metal, or wood, or some other material—a piece of technology that should have existed in the past, but didn’t. Maybe it’s an automated system that provides an analog feel for otherwise mundane or screen-based functions, complete with fun sounds effects. Whatever it may be, does the concept make you smile? Does it sound a little absurd or impractical? THAT’S IT!


We’ll be developing a completely original product that we will probably only sell once. It’s often not possible to present pricing or a timeline for a project before we have gone through a process of research and pre-production. If we’ve gotten this far though, we really want to work with you! We only ask for a certain amount of openness on your part as we reconcile aesthetics and function with budget/timeline restrictions. We draw plans and create a budget, and upon your approval it’s a GO! This is when we kick into high gear with project management, design, electronic engineering, software development, etc, etc..


Development of your device or the system is DONE. If it’s one thing, it’s DONE. If it’s several of a thing or a system that has gone through development, it’s time to roll up our sleeves and do the methodical part of our job—MAKE. The process is different every time, but every time, no detail is overlooked. Every step is choreographed to avoid damaging the product along the way. This is the most understated part of what we do. When we’re done with it, it will look like it just popped out of a machine….in another era, past or future.


There have been a few exceptions to this rule, but we personally have installed whatever it is we have made—even if the site is in another city—especially if the site is in another city! Installation is all about preventing service calls down the road. We specialize in this—particularly with audio/video systems, and have many clients that we provide only this service for. No matter the scale, it’s about attention to detail to the very end!


Everything we make is intended to be SEEN. It’s the opposite logic that you’ll find from other technology integrators. It is “industry standard” to hide technology, much less highlight it. You’re now the proud owner of a one-of-a-kind-in-the-world piece of hardware or system that was made to spark engagement. Expect your customers to comment on it or share photos of it on Instagram. But, just so there’s no confusion about what it is or what it does—let’s work together to promote it and make it an essential part of your brand. This is a partnership, really! Cheers!