Our Mission

Hazelwood Labs designs and hand-manufactures audio hardware that is meant to be SEEN and not just heard. We recognized a common struggle among equipment manufacturers and installers to make unsightly speakers and controllers disappear and thought “why not just make them beautiful??”

Working closely with businesses, homeowners, developers, architects, and builders, we deliver equipment and systems that are as artfully conceived as they are functional. We thrive on flipping the traditional script—going far beyond the typical approaches to commercial and home audio. We strive to make hardware that is given the same consideration as the overall visual design of the space—from the decor to the fixtures and furnishings. We aspire to make the presence of Hazelwood Labs equipment the mark of a true purpose-built environment.

The Past

Over more than a decade in business, we have compiled an extensive portfolio of head-turning custom music system installations at prominent hospitality locations throughout the southern/midwestern United States and beyond.

Initially, our approach was centered around retrofitting modern electronics into vintage and antique wares—a process we still employ for many of our retail items and commission projects today.

In working with these bygone pieces of equipment, we have built an appreciation for their standards for beauty and attention to detail—particularly in hidden places like within an internal chassis that only a repairman might ever see.  Though our more recent designs might be considered futuristic as much as “retro”, this tradition of craftsmanship is carried forward with each one.  

The Present

Today, most of our installation products are either from-scratch original designs, or aesthetically-upgraded factory components via partnerships with our favorite equipment brands—all employing the uncompromising attention to detail and technological function that we have become known for in boutique hospitality, homebuilding, architecture, and design sectors.

We are in equal parts a new equipment manufacturer and audio installation contractor—poised to manage construction projects nationwide for clients who aspire to go beyond the off-the-shelf equipment designs and approaches that are available to most audio/video integrators.

Since our re-brand and re-focus in 2022, our new HazeLabs badge is appearing in an increasing number of high-end hospitality establishments, trendy retail spots, and custom homes nationwide.

The Future

Tangible interactivity is another one of our guiding principles. In designing a wall controller, or a jukebox interface, for us, “design” includes user experience.

While the industry has moved almost entirely to touch-screen controllers, we strive for an analog-like user experience of all digital functions. This means real, tactile buttons and knobs, and if there are displays at all, they’re there to either simplify the design or to add beauty to it. Our entire approach comes back to feeling. Simplicity and tangible function make our controllers more fun and satisfying to use than any touch-screen controller out there.

Mr. Hazelwood’s Origin Story & Future Focus

Hazelwood Labs was established in 2012 in Nashville, TN. Our founder, Joseph Hazelwood—a musician, sound engineer, and AV integrator turned tech designer—set out to merge his creative aspirations with his skill-set.

Having been in AV since 1998, I had grown disenchanted by the industry standard approach. I knew about myself that I would have to be creatively fulfilled to stay motivated, so I built a business around making unique smartphone speakers in my basement from antique radios and other random devices. I sold them in vintage stores and at pop-up sales, and it did ok. But, everything changed when I realized I could take the same quirky approach to commercial installations.

In 2021, Joseph—still wearing all the hats—decided to double down on his freelance venture, hire employees, and build upon years of experimentation and market study. He hired Nashville-based Proof Branding to renew the Hazelwood Labs brand, and streamlined the company’s range of installation products.

In late 2022, in collaboration with Mike Wolfe of American Picker’s fame, Hazelwood took possession of the "Studebaker building" in an area known as "Columbia Motor Alley" near the historic Columbia, TN square to serve as the Hazelwood Lab, including a manufacturing space, showroom for install products, and retail storefront. Visitors to this growing area (and visitors to our web store) can purchase our HazeTables, #GMORadios, and other handmade gadgets.