Our Systems

Hazelwood Labs specializes in the design, engineering, and management of audio installation projects throughout the continental US. Our focus is on background music for boutique hospitality, and whole-house audio for custom homes. Instead of hiding unsightly speakers and other hardware, we modify them, beautify them, or build them from scratch to blend or contrast with the other design elements in the room.

We work closely with your architect and interior designer to put together a system that is both timelessly beautiful and seamlessly functional. We also coordinate directly with your builder, electrician, systems integrator, and other trades to see the job through from start to finish.

Interested in an installation?

For new construction projects, we'll need to be involved early in the process to properly engineer your system. Let us know the scope of your project and we'll outline what is needed to provide you with an accurate quote.


HazeX is our curated line of audio components for hospitality and home. Drawing upon our 25+ years in the audio installation industry, and experience with countless equipment brands, we have compiled a system that highlights beauty, simplicity, and seamless functionality. When customized and engineered together with a particular space in mind, the HazeX System components provide a purpose-built appearance, amazing sound, and simple operation.

HX Speakers

Our most basic approach to installation speakers goes beyond what you'll see from any other AV company in terms of aesthetics. Electroplated speaker grilles come standard, in brass, copper, nickel, and custom options. Each one is available in a variety of mounting configurations and features our distinctive HazeLabs badge.

Deluxe versions and fully custom devices are available as well to make a bolder statement, or to blend/contrast with your furnishings or other hardware.

HX Controllers

Our unique audio controllers combine the tactile experience of analog hardware with the capability of smart technology.  They provide the user simple, independent control of multiple zones and sources through digital commands to the LEA Professional amplifier.  Select any zone to control and assign a source for that zone. That's it! No touchscreen or phone app to tangle with.


Think Sonos for audiophiles. Bluesound is a digital streaming platform that delivers higher resolution audio than other similar platforms. From a practical standpoint, it enables us to integrate our HX Controllers throughout your home, or to offer our turntables and speakers for existing spaces. For sound quality though, there is no comparison.

HX Cloud

Every major component of our systems down to the power strip is network-connected for secure access by a HazeLabs technician via our cloud services.  This enables us to troubleshoot issues for our clients, and even perform preventative maintenance and firmware updates without expensive site trips.  Call or text us and we’ll see if we can fix it on our end before dispatching a technician!