Keitz Residence

Leiper’s Fork, TN

This mid-century style record player cabinet was  designed, engineered, and assembled by Joseph Hazelwood in collaboration with master craftsman Aaron Rosburg. It features a powder-coated user interface with brass trimmings, new-old-stock vintage gold-speckled grill cloth—also trimmed in brass. Not only does it play records in the 'Keeping Room' of this beautiful Leiper’s Fork, TN home, but it integrates with Sonos to make records and wireless audio independently selectable throughout the house system. In addition to its primary functions, it houses surround speakers and other television equipment. It was designed to pair with the#HazeLabsBASE speakers in the adjacent room.  These speaker sculptures were special-made for this home from ordinary industrial warehouse light fixtures we found in an antique mall.  They house a JBL speaker that provides music in the living room of this minimalist, yet meticulously-designed country home.