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"Acorn" Touch Lamp

"Acorn" Touch Lamp

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Several years back, I made a lamp for my wife using a ceiling fixture that I kept from our mid-century home where we raised our kids in East Nashville.  The house was torn down when we moved so this was a nice momento.  Adding another layer of nostalgia, I added a touch function instead of a toggle switch--a feature that I remember being a huge trend in the 90's.

Later on, during one of my picking excursions, I came across a huge NOS lot of the exact same fixture!  Naturally, I bought them and did a run of them to offer at a holiday pop-up sale in 2018 I think.  They were a hit!

When moving into our new lab at Columbia Motor Alley, I discovered that I still had a few of them, and here they are--possibly the last ones--converted to a touch lamp and available for sale!

~Joe Hazelwood ⚡️👤


⇢ Capacitive touch Bright / Med / Lo / Off feature is reminiscent of the 90’s

⇢ New-old-stock light fixture seen in many-a-hallway ceiling in the 1950’s-60’s

⇢ Warm white LED bulb adds modern efficiency

⇢ Hand finished solid walnut base and cloth cord make this a timeless accent lamp!

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