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BIG BEAM ⚡️ Lantern + Portable Phone Charger

BIG BEAM ⚡️ Lantern + Portable Phone Charger

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BIG BEAM hand lanterns have been made in Chicago since 1938.  The prototype was made by Cyrus G. Talbot--the founder of the U.C. Lite Manufacturing company in his basement using a wooden case and a motorcycle headlamp.  They became standard equipment for firefighters, railroad workers, and other trades, and have been manufactured steadily up until now!  The Big Beam company still exists and makes a similar model!

Hazelwood Labs began up-cycling these distinctive vintage finds in around 2014 and they have become a favorite of our customers because they represent the perfect mashup of vintage wares and modern technology.

We tear them apart and clean them up (preserving the original wear and patina, of course) and replace every functional part with it's modern counterpart.  For starters--no more leaky lead-acid battery!  We retrofit them with a big rechargeable Lithium battery and charge circuitry--including a USB port on the back for phone charging.. That's right!  You can charge your phone off of it!  We replace the the bulbs with LED versions, give it a new toggle switch, and add nickel plated Hazelwood Labs brand plates.

As a lantern, it features two brightness settings--Dim | Bright--the brighter one casting a nice bright beam for general use.

As a phone charger, it includes fast charging circuitry that will charge even the most up-to-date phones (we tested it with an iPhone 14 Pro).

This device is perfect for camping or other outdoor activities where a flashlight and portable charging are needed.  It's a stylish conversation piece for the home as well, and a bonafide piece of history!

Includes a charging adapter that can be stored inside!

** Big Beam lanterns featured a variety of logo's throughout the years.  We have made the logo type selectable, but simply can't make an entry for every unit we stock.  We individually source every vintage lamp to our liking--making sure each one has desirable wear and rust markings and no damage that would render it inoperable.  When fulfilling your order, we will choose one at random with the selected logo.  If you want to select a specific lamp seen in the photos, please message us first or otherwise include these instructions in a message with your order.

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