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1940s "Bernard" RCA #GMORadio

1940s "Bernard" RCA #GMORadio

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#GMORadios {Genetically Modified Objects} are our line of unique BLUETOOTH music devices, made from vintage and antique radios and other wares.  They are built to be art/conversation pieces as much as functional sound devices.

This radio began life in the late 1940's as a bakelite RCA 75X11, but we call it "Bernard".  Now it's a modern listening device!

Like all of our vintage radios, we carefully selected this one because it had normal wear for its age, but no chips or cracks, and still had both original knobs.  We cleaned it up and installed new components, but didn't attempt to "restore" it.  This thing has a story to tell!

To operate:  Simply click on the volume knob.  When you hear the pairing tone, select "HazeLabs" in your bluetooth settings.  Then, just play music via your favorite streaming service--Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, etc..

To calibrate the volume:  1.  Turn your phone volume down.  2.  Turn the radio volume all the way up.  3.  Turn you phone volume up to the loudest point before distortion (usually around 80%) and leave it there.  4.  Control the volume thereon from the radio

If you want to crank the radio all the way up and use your phone as a volume-controller, that's ok too!

Note:  This device no longer receives radio stations.  The tuner dial still turns, but is no longer functioning.

We often stock multiple units of this same model radio in our Lab Store.  Each features unique wear and patina.  We will select one for you unless you specify an exact unit.  If you want to pick out your exact model contact us at


:: Specifications :: 

⚡️ New 4in speaker

⚡️ New 20W mono amplifier

⚡️ Built-in power supply

⚡️ Warm-white LED-lit tuner display

⚡️ Includes 1-year HazeLabs *Warranty


* Hazelwood Labs will warranty this device to be free from defects for a period of one year.  Malfunctions resulting from normal use, at the discretion of a Hazelwood Labs representative, will be repaired at our cost of time and materials within the warranty period.  Transportation or shipping to and from our Columbia, TN lab is not included.  The client will be responsible for the costs associated with these logistics.

**NOTE:  This device is not UL listed, and although Hazelwood Laboratories does follow strict safety standards we cannot be held responsible for damage or harm to the structure, electrical system, other systems, any other property, or any person as a result of the perceived or actual malfunction of our equipment.


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