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Jingle #GMORadio ⚡️✨ Jewelry Box Bluetooth Radio

Jingle #GMORadio ⚡️✨ Jewelry Box Bluetooth Radio

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The Jingle is our most affordable handmade bluetooth radio to date.  I designed it in response to a demand for a low-priced, giftable piece of HazeLabs gadgetry.

It is made of a walnut jewelry box and custom antique brass-plated grille and back plate.  For a fun feature, I utilized the box latch as the power switch for the device.  So, when you slide that in place, the yellow LED comes on, you hear a pairing tone, then you can pair your phone. computer, or other device to 'Jingle' and start listening.  Use your device to control the volume.

It has a good, clear sound and gets plenty loud for such a small device, and comes with a power supply.  I'm really excited about this little product, and I know you'll love it too!

~Joe Hazelwood ⚡️👤




We warranty this device to be from issues with functionality resulting from normal use for a period of 6 months from the purchase date.  This includes repair or replacement of electronic components and/or wiring, but NO transport or shipping to or from our Columbia, TN lab. 

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