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"Miss Mason" Bluetooth GMORadio ⚡️👩🏻‍🌾

"Miss Mason" Bluetooth GMORadio ⚡️👩🏻‍🌾

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Miss Mason {named after my daughter} is a genuine Ball 1 quart Mason jar transformed into a bluetooth listening device!

I designed and made a custom grille and bracket to hold the components--all which have been powder-coated white.  We drilled directly into the glass to mount the power switch and DC port.  We added a fabric backing to the grille to soften up the design a bit and give it a rustic country home appeal--reminiscent of the quintessential 'grandma's kitchen'.

The best part is--we filled it with fairy lights and connected them to the audio circuit so that they dance with the music!

As always, we used the very best electronic components available, and engineered it to be the best sounding, and most visually remarkable mason jar you've ever heard!

Flip on the power switch, pair your phone to 'Mason', play music and adjust the volume on your phone, and watch it light up in unison with your favorite song.  ⚡️😎

~Joe Hazelwood ⚡️👤

*The exact grille cloth patterns may vary and will be the general same colors that you select.

**It is normal for the jar lid to have slight rust marks on it.  New mason jars sometimes come this way, and we consider it part of the rustic charm of this device.

***Depending on your music selection, this radio may have enough bass to vibrate on its surface.  We recommended placing it on a doily, cork coaster, or other insulating material for best sound quality.



We warranty this device to be from issues with functionality resulting from normal use for a period of 6 months from the purchase date.  This includes repair or replacement of electronic components and/or wiring, but NO transport or shipping to or from our Columbia, TN lab.  Because the use of glass in this project was experimental, we cannot warranty this device against glass breakage.  We inspect each one during assembly and before shipping, and pack them appropriately--marking FRAGILE on the packaging.  If there are breaks during shipping, it will be the buyer's responsibility to file an insurance claim with the shipper.  In any case, we are more than happy to do this repair for a small fee.


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